Solutions For Your Business!


Web Design

We design WebSites, WebApps, Android & iOS Apps as per client requirements..

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Web Development

We Do Develop Static as well as Dynamic Web in PHP, Drupal, Wordpress etc.


Android & iOS Development

We are expert in Android & iOS Apps, Web Services developement.

Crypto Currency services

We Provide Services like Faucets in Crypto Currency viz. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, BitcoinCash etc.

Custom Solutions

We provide various solutions(customized) according to client & user requirements.

How we work

Why choose our services.

Seamlessly empower

We always do it at our BEST to empower our Clients & ensure growth of our Users.


We always take initivatives for new things, like new trends in market, new technologies, modern concepts etc....

Objectively maintain

Even though we adapt new things, we never loose focus from our Objectives regarding Clientel & Users.

Strategic Plan

Our teams are always ready with strategic plans regarding anything.

Annual Budget Plan

Annual Budgets of each and every module, project are done @ full throttle at financial year starting.

Include Professional Details

Each plan includes professional details about everything.

Our Faucets Preview.. Working Great. Update:- Claim Rates Increased 20% & Timer Reduced by 2 minutes i.e. Now claim every 4 minutes!! Enjoy More Earning.

Posted by SSCoinMedia on Friday, April 26, 2019